blue rooster Marketing works with small to medium sized businesses to create and implement marketing and sales strategies that work. We help create the marketing plan, determine the message, identify the appropriate mix, and execute the plan.

Skilled experts. We are a collaborative of experienced marketing, advertising, and sales experts working together to reinforce and expand our clients’ brands, marketing, and sales efforts.

Value pricing. We specialize in helping small to medium size businesses and nonprofits increase return on sales and marketing investments. Our business model helps keep costs down so clients can focus their resources on targeting their customers.

Measurable results. We believe that any marketing initiative must have a direct correlation to growth and a positive impact on the bottom-line. Our programs are designed to support the goals of our clients.

We bring specialized skills and expertise and provide an external perspective in these areas:

  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Content strategy and creation, keyword research, customer journey mapping
  • Sales training, relationship management and coaching
  • Sales collateral, brochures, newsletters
  • Websites, search engine optimization, website maintenance and hosting
  • Lead generation, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, analytics reporting, pay per click advertising
  • Marketing communications, marketing automation, landing pages, mobile messaging, video
  • Social Media Marketing, audience engagement, monitoring
  • Market research