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New Generation of B2B Buyers And How to Reach Them

According to recent research published by Google and The Boston Consulting Group, half of all business to business searches are done on smartphones.  It matters because mobile searches are expected to grow to 70% by 2020.  If you are trying to reach businesses, providing the best mobile user experience and taking a “mobile first” approach to messaging is the new norm.

While personal relationships used to be instrumental in growing brand and increasing sales in the past, digital has interrupted that dynamic and companies need to pay attention.

Business buyers spend more time doing research online and less time interfacing with salespeople until it’s time to make a purchase.  And business buyers are now expecting the same user experience and features they experience as consumers.  B2B buyers are comparing companies to the best digital experiences they’ve ever had.

Business to business buyers are becoming more savvy and using technology to multi-task with multiple screens and devices, from either their home office or on the go.

Optimizing your website for search, creating relevant content, ensuring your site provides the best user experience possible such as fast load speeds and ease of finding information will set your company apart from your competitors.

Some of Boston Consulting Group’s findings:

  • Mobile drives or influences over 40% of revenue in leading B2B organizations
  • Mobile accelerates time to purchase by 20% by facilitating efficiency in decision making, especially in enterprise sales
  • B2B mobile leaders are generating higher levels of mobile engagement and seeing a greater share of revenue
  • Mobile increases loyalty
  • A Positive mobile experience increases repurchase rate
  • Market leaders use a mobile-first approach taking advantage of location data and click to calls

Here is a link to the full report.


Source: “Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer in partnership with Google Oct 2017


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