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Ten Tips to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Algorithm Change

Facebook changed its algorithm earlier this year to prioritize content in news feeds from friends/family/groups, so it has become more difficult for businesses to get feed-time with followers. Here are ten tips to increase organic reach on Facebook.

Ten Tips to increase organic reach on Facebook

1. The new platform encourages active interactions like commenting and sharing versus passive interactions (likes/clicks)

2. Create quality content that sparks conversation, is authentic, timely and relevant and most of all, is of service to your followers

3. Overly promotional posts get less organic reach so limit language like “buy now”, contests or giveaways (use paid ads for promotional posts)

4. Avoid outbound links in your posts because time spend on site and engaging with your post is important

5. Videos with higher completion rates (at least half) get more views but upload video directly to Facebook rather than using a Youtube link

6. Facebook live shows in the top five posts in followers news feed so if you can, use Facebook live

7. Post directly to your Facebook business page rather than automatically through your blog

8. Avoid engagement bait by asking users to “comment on this post if you like ice cream” or something similar.

9. The more fields you fill out on your Facebook business profile the better

10. Encourage customers to follow your page

Top Ranking Algorithm Factors Affecting Organic Reach On Facebook

Pages whose posts prompt conversations

The “love” icon is more valued than the “like” icon – posts users “love” will get a slight boost

Posts that inspire conversations between users are valued higher so publish content that inspires users to tag friends in comments to start a conversation

If users send posts to friends using Messenger, they are more meaningful than just posting on their feed

Posts that are shared need to also get engagement on the share to be prioritized

Other Algorithm Factors Affecting Organic Reach on Facebook

Average time spent on content – longer is better

Post at a time users are more likely to be online

Live video often leads to discussion among viewers so is more valuable

Completeness of page profile

Informative and timely posts are more valuable

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