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Anyone with a physical location should be spending time shaping their online profiles and related ratings.  Profiles on Yelp, Google, HealthGrades, Angie’s List etc.  These sites may be just as important if not more important than websites for businesses that rely on customer traffic and reviews, such as restaurants, hotels, plumbers, doctors, hair salons, and similar.  Keep information across these sites up to date, encourage happy customers to post great reviews, and respond to negative feedback promptly and professionally.

Next focus on your website, Facebook, Linkedin, or other destinations your customers search to learn more about your business.  Developing content by answering questions your clients are asking and maintaining it can be an ongoing expense, but may likely generate unlimited page views, providing residual benefits, making these efforts less costly in the long run.

SEO Search Engine Optimization. Chart with keywords and icons. SUnderstand how your website ranks compared to your competitors.  What are your SEO needs?  Where does your website rank on search engines for keywords relating to your business or service?  You can use free tools on sites like  There you can check your business listing and ways to improve your online presence, uncover content and link-building opportunities, optimize your local listings by assigning the right categories, and more.  See how your website ranks compared to your competitors on  Spyfu shows some of the keywords your competitors are ranking for organically and what they are bidding on in paid campaigns.  You can also see samples of their ads and suggestions for keywords, once you are ready to move in to paid search marketing.

If you don’t have time to manage the free tools, there are experts who can do it for you at a reasonable cost.  We are happy to provide a free online assessment and quote, so reach out today to get started.



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